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Our development services provides the technical expertise of our experts who are empowered with latest technology software and tools to offer customized solutions to meet all your business requirements. With meticulously chalked out plans, our solutions can significantly save the annual budget of any organization by rationalizing the systems, increase staff efficiency while fulfilling all your needs.

Our development services teams are experienced in managing both complex and small-scale projects, producing results within tight deadlines with a focus on high quality and brand consistency. We provide customized web based services for any type of business or application.

How it works

The complete process is streamlined to understand your requirements and execute them efficiently.

What do you get on purchase of our development service

  • Professional services – The quality of our service is defined by the quality of our people. Our team is of the highest calibre trained to deliver top notch solutions by way of quality coding, bench marking and real time testing of our solutions.
  • Innovative customized solution – A robust solution tailor made to meet your day to day business requirements.
  • Aftercare – Access to our professional team of developers who will provide support for the solution till you are fully satisfied.

Our service is designed to maximize benefits offered to you, however you should consider the following before you purchase the services.

Things to consider before purchasing

  • Customized solutions take time to develop hence the time duration may depend upon your requirements, the amount of work that needs to be put into developing the solution provided we are not booked for the time period and we have all the requested information to carry out the services.
  • Refunds are not possible once the necessary information to develop the solution have been provided by you and work has commenced.
  • Support for the customized solution is not free for life. Please contact our Sales department for more details.

What information is required for development services

The information requested depends upon your requirements. In general, the following information can be requested to develop and install a customized solution on your server.

  • Control panel access information – cPanel / PLESK.
  • FTP access information – FTP host, Username, Password and the directory in which the software has been installed in.
  • Helpdesk access information – URL, Admin user login username and password.
Root access to the server can be required in certain cases.

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What Next

Have you already placed your order? If yes, please be patient while we develop the solution to meet your requirements.

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