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 Aqua Develop

Welcome to ― Your True Digital Shop. SupportSkins brings to you a wide range of high quality and affordable Kayako™ product skins allowing you to add an element of style and professionalism to your website.
We provide you a complete range of services; whether it involves installing a skin or customizing your software to match your existing website. Our aim to offer quality skins at an affordable price, that our clients can use in their website. We take care of customizing the software to match your website while you can concentrate on your site support hence proving to be a wise investment!
If you are interested in having a one of a kind custom skin for your software contact us for more information.
We hope you enjoy your visit and we look forward to having you as our customer.

Professional Interface:  SupportSkins effectively works in making your helpdesk and website look extremely professional. Our customization service not only works into matching the helpdesk software with your existing website layout but also involves in fixing any errors you receive in a skin, installing and upgrading a skin as well as customizing the images to fit your site. All our skins have been tested on popular browsers before release.
Cost Effective Skins:  SupportSkins offers you a wide range of high quality, creative and affordable skins at a very reasonable price. These skins which are not only easy to use and install also add an element of style and professionalism to your website. These skins not only work for non-hosted solutions but can also be purchased and used by hosted solution users whose helpdesk are hosted on Kayako web servers.
Easy Installation:  We actively work to make the installation procedure for these skins to be extremely easy. A detailed installation guide can be found in our Support Center which will allow you to install the skins without any hassles.
Free Upgrades:  With every new release the software usually require you to restore the templates to its original form. Using this free upgrade period, you shall be entitled to receive free upgrades for a period of 180 days from the date you purchased the skin. Further upgrades can be received by paying a nominal amount.
ModernBill Integration: All our skins are designed to display the "default" template when the software is integrated with ModernBill. This is an extremely useful feature as the helpdesk in ModernBill will not look out of order when integrated with Kayako™.
Hosted Support: All our skins have been designed and tested with hosted solutions. The skin will not only work with hosted solutions but will also display custom icons for the module widgets.
Professional Support: Our technicians have expert knowledge in installation, setup, configuration and skinning of all Kayako™ applications.