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Reports to help you gain a clear picture of your business. It helps you drive important business decisions. We at SupportSkins understand just that, which is why our experts can provide you comprehensive statistical data using our reporting services. SupportSkins reporting services provides all kinds of customized reporting – in numbers as well as charts.

Our reporting service is well-suited to companies who wish to generate accurate, customized and informative reports for themselves.

How it works

Customized reporting modules can take time to develop. However our reporting services are designed for clear understanding of what you require and quick development of our solution.

What do you get on purchase of this service

  • Customized Reports – We can generate all the reports you require from your solution.
  • Accurate – Our solutions are designed by our team of  trained experts to generate the most accurate reports available.
  • Cost effective – Customized solutions can be very expensive. Our reporting services are designed to provide you detailed statistical analysis of your solution at a very reasonable price.
  • Generate reports and reporting charts in third party solutions like Geckoboard.

Our service is designed to maximize benefits offered to you, however you should consider the following before you purchase the services.

Things to consider before purchasing

  • Reporting can be restricted to the limitations of the software; in absence of data in the software’s database certain reporting may not be possible.
  • Customized reporting solutions take time to develop. A time-frame for your solution will be provided to in your quote.
  • This service is provided on first come first serve basis. All our customers are equally valuable to us hence it is just not fair to ignore their order while we work on yours.
  • Refunds are not possible once the necessary information to perform the services has been provided by you and work has commenced.

Example of customized reporting

Looking for real time monitoring of your staff and helpdesk data? Geckoboard is one such service which enables you to do just that. It not only allows you beautiful presentation of your data but also displays all that you need on a single display.

We had the opportunity to create one such solution for our clients, check it out!

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