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Professional customized themes for your solution.


Do your clients feel alienated when they visit your support center? Tired of being generic by using the very same design your competitors use for the similar support solution? Its time to distinguish yourself from others!

Our experts at can help you archive all that and a lot more. On purchase of our skin customization services you helpdesk design will be nothing short of WOW!! We will customize your Kayako solution design to exactly match your existing website design.

How it works

It can take time to put together a customized design. However our skin customization services are outlined for an exceptionally high quality and detailed work with a quick turn around, offered at a very reasonable price.

What do you get on purchase of this service

  • Refreshing look – A brand new look to the client interface of the software matching your business brand and identity.
  • Cost affective – Creating a customized skin can be rather expensive. We understand that, hence we have made a point to offer our services as an extremely modest cost.
  • High quality work – All our customized skins are of the highest quality making sure the skin exactly matches your existing website design. Our support and designing team shall be in constant touch with you making sure all your needs are carefully heard and perfectly implemented.
  • Detailed work – We do not believe in simply modifying the header and the footer of the software to match your web design. That is not customization! Our experts have an eye for detail and they make sure every aspect of the skin matches your existing website design.
  • Kayako onDemand – Our customization are fully functional and support Kayako onDemand solutions.
  • Free update and support – On purchase of our skin customization services, you are entitled to 90 days of free support and update for the modified templates. If Kayako releases a new build, we will update your skin to support the new build at no extra cost. 90 days is calculated from the date your order was completed.
  • No downtime – We develop the skin completely offline on our local servers making sure your day to day support does not get interrupted.

Our service is designed to provide high quality facelift to your helpdesk without any hassles. However you should consider the following before you purchase the services.

Things to consider before purchasing

  • It can take us upto 7 business days to complete your skin customization order, provided we are not booked for the time period and we have all the requested information to carry out the services.
  • Skin customization services does not include customization of email templates. That has to be purchased separately.
  • Only the client side of the helpdesk is customized and redesigned. No changes will be made to the Staff or Admin side of the software.
  • We will need 1 working HTML page for the design you wish to replicate in the software. Without a working HTML page, the services may attract an additional charge. Additional cost, if any, will be informed in advance.
  • The cost specified is for 1 template group. If you are using 2 different designs for different template groups (software’s) you will have to place 2 orders. If the design for 2 templates are the same then we can customize the second template group at a discounted rate. You will have to contact our Sales Department for an exact quote.
  • This is a one time service and is provided on first come first serve basis. All our customers are equally valuable to us hence it is just not fair to ignore their order while we work on yours.
  • Refunds are not possible once the necessary information to design the skin has been provided by you and work has commenced.

What information is required

To execute your skin customization services order, we shall require the following information.

  • URL to your website or web page whose design you would like to replicate in your helpdesk.
  • URL to your helpdesk.
  • Admin access to your helpdesk to install the skin templates – Admin username & password.
  • FTP access information – FTP host, Username, Password and the path to the directory in which the software has been installed in.
  • Color Codes for the colors you have used for your design.
  • Any special request especially if you have any preferences for the icons.
Incase of Kayako onDemand solutions, Kayako does not provide FTP access to their servers hence we will need to save the replaced images and CSS files on an external location. We shall then modify the skin templates to accept these files and display them on the helpdesk hence we shall need FTP access to this external server.
Please inform our staff if you are have customized the source code, using a third party module or carried out any other kind of customization.

Skin Customization Services – USD $399.95 Only Order Now

What Next

Have you already placed your order? If yes, then please email us the above requested information so we can begin with your order. If you have already emailed us the information, please be patient while we design your skin.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions regarding this service then please feel free to contact us by clicking on the button below. We would be happy to help you!

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