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We have had the pleasure in working with companies of all sizes; from various industries and from different parts of the world. Our strength has been to apply a “deliver more than anticipated” approach to each client engagement in order to drive unparalleled success and customer loyalty. We believe that communicating with our clients is vital and our commitment is to ensure they have the best information available. Our solutions and services deliver value and best meet the needs of our customers – on-time, on-budget, every time!

SupportSkins has been privileged to service more than 600 clients from 60+ countries. Some of these valued customers are listed below.

Our customers say we are Outstanding!

Feedback’s are valuable inputs from customers. Luckily, we have had some fabulous ones! Check what our clients have to say about us.

Laurence Flynn

We just launched our new site that took 3 years to complete and SupportSkins did our Kayako skin.They also added stuff like forum and blog feeds. Super cool stuff.

And yes, the site did take 3 years because I have ridiculously high standards when it comes to web designers and I went through design teams like McDonalds goes through staff. I won't be recommending the firm that did our main design and relieved me of alot of zeros. But working with Hiren was a breath of fresh air and I really needed it after all the frustrations I've had with trying to get a new site up for so long and has restored my faith in designers in general.

So big thumbs up. I'm so happy we are now live and SupportSkins went above and beyond in every way. Fantastic stuff. 🙂

John Benson

Just a quick message to say that we used SupportSkins for site and email customisation and they were fantastic!

The work was carried out within budget and on time. We had a few tweaks which we wanted to implement, e.g. hidden breaklines above the HTML email, which worked a treat. They recoloured icons and even created a 3D box with our logo on for the Downloads section. These little touches all add up to make a great site.

It is nice to know that SupportSkins don't just have a "one size fits all" approach and that they do take the time to research and customise to your exact requirements.

The company is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to everyone.

Jonathan Smith

For over a year our Kayako install has not looked anything like our site, but we did nothing about it because we knew that our site was going to be changing this year. The new site went live in mid-January and we still had not found time to work on making the Kayako install look like our new site. I decided to give SupportSkins a try.

Their work was delivered quickly, on-time, all communication was professional, and the work was GREAT! Now our Kayako install matches our site exactly. SupportSkins has saved us a great deal of time, and time is money, so they are well worth the fee.

Shaun Megaw

We decided to use support skins to build a clone of our current skin to work in kayako 4.30.xxx. We required a lot of extra work to be done to the existing skin and needed it to render in all versions of Firefox / Chrome and Internet Explorer. I got into contact with Hiren who was able to assist with a great deal of professionalism, and patience.