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Our Skins are the highest quality themes that will give your helpdesk software a new look and give your customers something better to navigate. Besides providing high quality skins, we also offer the following services.
Skin Installation and Setup Service
While the installation of skin is rather easy and explained in detail in the installation manual, you can yet opt for this service where you do not have to worry about any goof ups while we take care of installing the skin in your helpdesk. All installations are carried out within 1 business day from the date of order provided we have all the required information.
Customization Services
You already have a website but cant seem to figure out how to integrate the amazing helpdesk software with it? Do not worry, we shall help you out with this. With customization services, we offer you an opportunity to facelift your helpdesk layout to completely match with your existing website. All you have to do is concentrate on providing the excellent support you to do you clients while we take care of the designing part. Our support and designing team shall be in constant touch with you making sure all your needs are carefully heard and perfectly implemented in your helpdesk design. All this for a very reasonable price. For getting a custom quote, please contact our Sales Department. The turn around time for a customization service is one week provided we have all the required information. As of now we only offer template-based customization and not programming customization services.
All customized solutions are eligible for free upgrades for a period of 3 months from the date of order. With every new release, Kayako™ products usually requires you to restore, some if not all; if your existing products which means you will loose out on your existing customizations.
However you should note that templates customized for Kayako™ v3 will not work for Kayako™ v4. Hence the free support period is applicable to the same line of product i.e. if Kayako™ v3 was customized then we shall provide support for Kayako™ v3 templates till you intend to use it. Kayako™ v3 templates cannot be used for Kayako™ v4 as it works on a completely new template system. If you are an existing Kayako™ v3 client and wish to upgrade to Kayako™ v4, you will have to repurchase the customization services to modify the look and feel of the software.
For more information on customization services, please contact our Sales Department
Skin Upgrade Services
With every upgrade Kayako™ products require you to restore some if not all of your existing templates to its original format. This means that you shall loose out on the existing customizations you made when you purchased the skin from us. Not to worry, we shall take care of this for you! With the upgrade service, we make sure that you are using the updated skin package with your new helpdesk version. All upgrades shall be carried out within 1 business day from the date of order provided we have all the required information.
Professional Support for Kayako™ Software
SupportSkins consists of technicians and experts who specializes in Kayako™ software support. A team of professionals lead by Hiren Mehta; an ex-Kayako employee, who has more than 5 years of experience with Kayako™ and its softwares, provides Level 1 and Level 2 support for smooth installation and running of your helpdesk. All you have to work on is providing quality services to your clients while we make sure your helpdesk run flawlessly.
Kayako™ Software Installation and Upgrade Services
This service allows you for professionals to take care of the your Kayako™ product installation and upgrade hence you do not have to go through to tedious task of setting up the database, upload the files or even setting up email piping. We take care of all that with the purchase of this service. Kayako™ Installation service will be executed within 2 business days provided we have all the necessary information. All the provided information can be deleted on request once the installation is complete.
Code Customisation / Development for Kayako™ Software
The software provided by Kayako does not meet all your requirements? Are some of the key features you are looking for missing in the software? Do not worry! Our alliance partner Aqua Develop can assists you with all your coding requirements. You can visit their website for more details.
SupportPlus Plans for Corporates/Individuals
SupportSkins now offers exclusive support plans for individual/corporates which not only includes support via email but also includes phone support. Please contact our Sales Department for more information.